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Q&A with Lynnette LeBlanc

Can you provide a brief overview of the kinds of things you do each day for clients that revolve around employee benefits?

I handle quoting, enrolling and servicing of employer groups for health and ancillary products as well as individual products. I assist individuals with personal health insurance (quoting/enrolling/servicing) and Medicare eligible members with reviewing their plan options and enrolling (quoting enrolling/servicing). I also assist individuals with ancillary plans such as dental, vision, life and disability products and offer travel insurance plans.

What are your goals regarding customer service? How do you approach each client?

I treat each client as a VIP client. Together, we review their insurance needs, and I assist them to select the best possible option that will meet their current situation --whether it’s coverage, premium or carrier. I feel each customer should be treated with respect and kindness and be given my fullest attention during the initial process and for years down the road. The rest falls into place.

How long have you worked in this industry?

I’ve been in this business since 1985 working with all aspects of the health/ancillary insurance benefits. I began my career at a large corporation and then 20 years ago transitioning to Melcher & Prescott.

About Melcher & Prescott Insurance

Established in 1862 and headquartered in Laconia, NH, Melcher & Prescott Insurance is a full-service, independent insurance agency and brokerage company that specializes in business insurance, employee benefits, personal insurance, and risk management services. To learn more, visit

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