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Private Client Services

Enjoying your life is your business. Protecting it is ours.

Building wealth is not only about your success, it's about leaving a legacy. We take the time to understand your unique needs and tailor coverage to ensure that your assets are well protected. In this constantly changing world, we are here to make sure your coverage keeps pace.

Melcher & Prescott specializes in high net worth insurance solutions. Our job is to understand our clients, advise them of their risks, and transfer or control those risks through creative solutions. We enjoy a challenge!

     Our Expertise

Every situation is different. Our vast experience allows us to match you with the ideal policies and companies that fits your unique needs.


     Insure to Value

There is no sense in having too much coverage, right? On the other hand, when a claim arises, that is not the time to find out that your policy provides inadequate coverage. We ensure that our clients are properly and accurately protected when needed most.

Review current insurance

Review needs and challenges

Assess exposures and assets

Construct a risk management strategy

Propose creative options

Implement, monitor, and continually

assess program

Be present if disaster strikes

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